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Leave Me Alone

This song is by All Access.

Why do I
Think that you actually care what I'm going through
Why do I
Insist on telling all my problems to you
You don't care
You just go on like nothing's wrong
And you don't swear
To ever talk, listen, or even care

So many times
I've tried to tell you
Get you to listen to what I'm going through
Some advice
You wouldn't think twice
About me or how I feel

I have got
No feelings for you I just wanted some attention
I have got
No mind to kiss you just needed someone to talk to
You can listen
To everyone's problems but my own
And I do listen
To you and try to lift you when I can

I do know
That God will always be there and He cares
I don't know
If you'll be around when I'm on the ground
So I'll pray
And He will lift my heart before I fall apart
What are friends for anyway
"I'll watch go insane, I really do"

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