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This song is by All:My:Faults.

A little girl was sitting down
The riverside - so alone
No one saw the tears she cried
When she was hurted all the time
The scars around her tears she tried
To hide with make-up and mascara
How many pains can she bear
She seemes to be old
With fourteen years!

It is her own decision
To leave the world of tragedy
She made her own decision
So leave her now before she cries
It is her own decision
To leave the sorrow far behind
She made her own decision
A lovely thing with broken mind

Walkin' round the old riverside
Gave no help to her
To be alone - this feeling she knew very good
Her mother died when she was five
A billion of tears she'd already cried
The father has ever been so nice
With a heart - cold as ice!

She remembered the one night
When her will to live with her virginity died
She remembered the father's face -
Red and weat of sweat
She took a decision and jumped into the water
The river was cold as ice and
Here the father comes to remember the place
His daughter died!

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