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A Night In Fall

This song is by All:My:Faults.

A tear is falling down to the earth
As the truth is killing her silently
When she realized that nothing goes
The way she always wanted to...
And as the friendship died with
Silent screams the immortal feeling
Began to fade away
When there's nothing left but pain
Does it really help to pray??

But can't you see
She's as free as the birds
"Don't follow me" she cried
She's leaving all that matters to her
And flies up into the night

The one who always gave her safety
He's gone and he'll never turn back to her
The family she never had
The turned their backs on her
She never was loved by them
Is she really so differently from
Her mother - her father
Christian blinds
She always believed in her own
But when everyone turns away
Does it help to pray?

For her there's just one way out
To leave all the sorrow far behind
She must learn to forget
All the things she learned
From the family with blinded minds
When everyone turns away
When anything you get is pain
And fucked up lies
Free your soul
My little child
Leave them all
Before you cry...

But can't you see
She's dying tonight
The soul is as free as the birds
Will you remember she's leaving this night
When a soul lights up the stars...

It's hers.

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