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She Took Him To The Lake

This song is by Alkaline Trio and appears on the album Maybe I'll Catch Fire (2000) and on the Digital Release Scraps (2007).

Do you remember the story of the boy and his first date?
She took him to the lake and he fell in love
She spent one summer waking up between his arms
She told him how good that felt, told him he was the one

And then she went away, his calls were not returned
He went to see her but her eyes were burning a different stare
The focus was somewhere else
And that feeling had somehow disappeared

Do you remember when they both drove out of state?
Stealing kisses behind her cousin's back
With a love so strong, tell me who could wait

When it seems so right, and it feels so right
Then it has to be right
When it seems so right, and it feels so right
Then it has to be right

But then she went away and she's not coming back
And I'm pretty sure that boy is staying in tonight

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