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That Ole Devil Called Love

This song is by Alison Moyet and appears on the album Singles (1995).

Number-One Hit
This song was a
Number-One Hit!
It's that ole devil called love again
Gets behind me and keeps giving me that shove again
Putting rain in my eyes, tears in my dreams
And rocks in my heart

It's that sly old sun of a gun again
He keeps telling me that I'm the lucky one again
But I still have that rain, still have those tears
And those rocks in my heart

Suppose I didn't stay, ran away, wouldn't play
The devil, what a potion he would brew?
He'd follow me around, build me up, tear me down
'Till I'd be so bewildered, I wouldn't know what to do

Might as well give up that fight again
I know darn well he'll convince me that he's right again
When he sings that sorry song I'm just gonna tag along
With that ole devil called love

He'd follow me around, build me up, tear me down
With that ole devil called love

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