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This song is by Alison Moyet and appears on the album Raindancing (1987).

Original video
A wait in hope of every day
That changes come as changes may
With every fear that I allay.
I have a horror of this place
Yet I'm accustomed to its face
And I am safe within its maze

But you leave me nothing in my home town
And now you want to pull us down,
But I can hope, and I can pray, and I will stay

I traced my way from bluebell hill
To the park, and further still,
Onto the rise beyond the mounds.
And from this point I can see
My life in its entirety
Mapped before me on the ground

Let the cold air bite my face
For I am angry at this place
Wherein nothing stays the same.
It breaks by heart to let you go
When deep inside us we both know
That you will not be back again.

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