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The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn

This song is by Alison Krauss & Union Station and appears on the album New Favorite (2001) and on the live album Live (2002).

Original video
Tell you a little story and it won't take long
'Bout a lazy farmer who wouldn't hoe his corn
The reason why I never could tell
That young man was always well

He planted his corn in the month of June
By July it was up to his eyes
Come September came a big frost
And all the young man's corn was lost

His courtship had just begun
Said, "Young man, have you hoed some corn?"
"Well, I tried and I tried, and I tried in vain
But I don't believe I raised no grain"

He went downtown to his neighbor's door
Where he had often been before
Saying, "Pretty little miss, will you marry me?"
Little miss, what do you say?"

"Why do you come for me to wed?
You can't even make your own corn grain
Single I am and will remain
A lazy man I won't maintain"

He turned his back and walked away
Saying, "Little miss, you'll rue the day
You'll rue the day that you were born
For giving me the devil 'cause I wouldn't hoe corn"

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