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Album by Alisan Porter.
  1. Blue Bayou (cover of "Blue Bayou" by ​Roy Orbison)
  2. California Dreamin' (with Lacy Mandigo) (cover of "California Dreamin'" by ​Barry McGuire)
  3. River (cover of "River" by ​Joni Mitchell)
  4. Cry Baby (cover of "Cry Baby" by ​Janis Joplin)
  5. Stone Cold (cover of "Stone Cold" by ​Demi Lovato)
  6. Stay With Me Baby (cover of "Stay With Me" by ​Lorraine Ellison)
  7. Let Him Fly (cover of "Let Him Fly" by ​Patty Griffin)
  8. Cryin' (cover of "Cryin'" by ​Aerosmith)
  9. Desperado (cover of "Desperado" by ​Eagles)
  10. Somewhere (cover of "Somewhere" by ​Leonard Bernstein and ​Stephen Sondheim)
  11. You've Got a Friend (with Christina Aguilera) (cover of "You've Got a Friend" by ​Carole King)
  12. Down That Road

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