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Evil Generation (2006)Edit

Alien Vampires - Evil Generation

Evil Generation

  1. Evil Generation
  2. I Fuck Nuns
  3. Fake Blood Is For Cunt
  4. Down In Hell (Satanischer)
  5. Defending The Muthoid Throne
  6. Excuse For All The Blood
  7. Chernobyl Is My Throne
  8. Satanic Propaganda (S.N.T.F. Rising)
  9. We Will Rise

No One Here Gets Out Alive (2007)Edit

Alien Vampires - No One Here Gets Out Alive

No One Here Gets Out Alive

  1. Watershed (Everyone Fucks Everyone)
  2. We're Going To Hell
  3. We Are Dead Fuck You
  4. Rave To The Grave
  5. Fuck Machine
  6. Hell.S.D.
  7. Humans=Cunts
  8. Ego Sum Qui Intus Habitat
  9. Industrial Warriors
  10. You'll All Die
  11. Fucking Negative
  12. What The Fuck Do You Want From Me
  13. No One Here Gets Out Alive
  14. Show Me The Way

Fuck Off And Die (2009)Edit

Alien Vampires - Fuck Off And Die

Fuck Off And Die

  1. Intro - 666 (by In Slaughter Natives)
  2. Fuck Off And Die
  3. Death Cult Devotion
  4. Footjob Addiction
  5. Far From Humans (featuring Sucide Commando)
  6. Resistant Ain't Futile
  7. Blood Bath
  8. Lesbian Nuns Suck Me Dry
  9. To Die With U
  10. One Night Stand
  11. Death To Pigs
  12. The Convent Burns
  13. Hell Descent
  14. Kill The Authority
  15. BDSM
  16. Fuck Off And Die (remix by Noisuf-X)

Harshlizer (2010)Edit

Alien Vampires - Harshlizer


Alien Vampires - Harshlizer - Limited Edition

Harshlizer - Limited Edition

Alien Vampires - Harshlizer - Japanese Edition

Harshlizer - Japanese Edition

Disc 1: Harshlizer
  1. No Way Back
  2. Evil Bloody Music
  3. She's On Drugs (More Than Me)
  4. See You In Hell (Cover Version With Suicide Commando)
  5. Harshlizer
  6. Industrializer
  7. Before It's Too Late
  8. Lies
  9. Control The Universe
  10. Fearless
  11. Deathmarch
  12. Far Away
  13. Entity
  14. Nothing To Lose
  15. Her Blood Into My Veins
Disc 2: Evil Bloody Music
  1. Fucked On LSD
  2. Evil Will Always Find U
  3. Evil Bloody Music (Freakangel Mix)
  4. She's On Drugs (Seduced By Chainreactor)
  5. Evil Bloody Music (Ex.Es Mix)
  6. Harshlizer (Uberbyte Mix)
  7. No Way Back (Cygnosic Mix)
  8. Evil Bloody Music (Can Of Worms Mix By Llumen)
  9. Harshlizer (Amgod Mix)
  10. Evil Bloody Music (Project Rotten Mix)
  11. She's On Drugs (Psycho Remix By Phosgore)
  12. Evil Bloody Music (Acylum Mix)
  13. No Way Back (Industriegebiet Mix)
  14. Evil Bloody Music (Die Sektor Mix)
  15. She's On Drugs (Neikka RPM Mix)

Drag You to Hell (2015)Edit

Alien Vampires - Drag You to Hell

Drag You to Hell

  1. The Divinity of Solitude (featuring Attila Csihar)
  2. She Owns the Nite (Lilith)
  3. You Wish Me Dead Get in Line
  4. All the Fakes Must Die
  5. Drag You to Hell
  6. Psycho Bitch (featuring Sin Quirin and Charles Edward Alexander Hedger)
  7. Sworn to the Lust
  8. Lock It
  9. Touch
  10. You Rule, I Cum
  11. Undivided Wholeness (featuring Nero Bellum)
  12. Dark Energy
  13. No Return From Where I Am Going (featuring Charles Edward Alexander Hedger)
  14. Better Enemies Than Friends
  15. Unidentified

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