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This song is by Alien Ant Farm and appears on the album truANT (2003).

Original video
All that you so is steps about anthing else
we could dream of
my tabloid girl, you miracle
god's gift to earth but cynical
wannabe's gather around you
walking on eggshells behind you
spit on your face i'd love to
if only i didn't love you

and then your friends will say
that you look good today
and then to your dismay
you turned your head one day

humbleness taught me to share the love
but you never caught the drift, did ya?
my little girl, you see the world a dismal place where you're the thrill
my sweet you certain in state of grace
larger than life to all human race
if i could just pull back your reins
make 'em tight
my sweet, there's nothing larger than life

I hear my conscience say
that you look good today
anf then you disbelief
you turned your pretty cheek

you never caught the drift, did ya?

and then your friends will day
that you look good today
and in a special wat
you knew before they told ya
and then with no delay
you turned you head one day


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