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Leading With My Heart

This song is by Alice Peacock and appears on the album Alice Peacock (2002).

Leading with my heart again
I'm leading with my heart again
I don't know if I'll lose or win
But I'm leading with my heart again
Putting my mind on hold
Yeah, I'm putting my mind on hold
I could be risking my very soul
But I'm putting my mind on hold
I must admit
There's just something about your kiss
I can't explain
Wouldn't want to if I could anyway
Leaping before I look
I'm leaping before I look
It may not be the same chance you took
But I'm leaping before I look
Walking before I crawl
Walking before I crawl
I might tumble, I might fall
But I'm walking before I crawl
I know it's dangerous
I know it's foolish
But thinking it over
You can't me do it

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