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Going Down

This song is by Alice in Videoland and appears on the album Maiden Voyage (2003).

I can smell my defeat
I can tell it's on repeat
It's in slow-motion in my head
Your devotion's to be dead

Can't recall, I can't rejoice
It's not at all like I have a choice
Played with fire, now I burn
'Cause my desire didn't let me turn
My desire wouldn't let me turn

I'm going down
Can't pretend, it's gonna end
It's all around
Takes my soul beyond control
I'm going down

I got lost, I got refused
I can't trust since I'd been used
Should have felt it from the start
But I melted with my heart

So I stayed, defied the ache
And I paid for your mistakes
I'll retire with the facts I've learned:
My desire didn't let me turn

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