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The Other Side of the Looking Glass (2002)Edit

Alias (US-ME) - The Other Side of the Looking Glass

The Other Side of the Looking Glass

  1. Begin
  2. Jovial Costume
  3. Angel of Solitude
  4. Dying to Stay
  5. Getting By (Version 2)
  6. Arrival
  7. Watching Water
  8. Opus Ashamed
  9. Black Tea
  10. Inspirations Passing
  11. Pill Hiding
  12. Slow Motion People
  13. Final Act

Muted (2003)Edit

Alias (US-ME) - Muted


  1. Beginagain
  2. Sixes Last
  3. Again for the First Time
  4. Unseen Sights
  5. Shoes, Cars, and Softdrinks
  6. Caged In, Wasting Away
  7. Full Circle Blues
  8. I Would Like to Write a Song That…
  9. Am I Cool Now?
  10. Chew the Fat
  11. The Physical Voice
  12. One Obvious Rule
  13. Lost Friend Advice

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  • Occupation: Producer, rapper
  • Instruments: Sampler, drum machine, synthesizer, guitar

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Alias is a performance name for Brendon Whitney.

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