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Will you wind up
The key in my back?

Rose tea at 3 in the morning
The moonlight melts away
A canary that forgot its song
Sings without a voice

Just above the blue garden,
Twin stars are twinkling
Everyone is alone
So that they'll meet someone someday

In the glass box
Lives a maiden
Her heartbeat murmurs
And plays a melody
Please listen and hear it
Even though it's still a little incomplete

A deep crimson strawberry on my lips
Erases the bitterness
Fate sunk by a crystal
A green shadow play

When I light a silver lamp
In the black wings of night,
The white morning is born
And my tears freeze into snowflakes

Since you opened
My door,
My feelings have been freed
And my bud is beginning to bloom
A little thorn teaches me
More than joy, that this is love