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In the morning, I am a painter in the garret
The bed is an atelier, and with a brush of light
I trace all over the you in my dreams
Decorating this masterpiece

At night, I am a poet with Romantic pretensions
Violets in the skylight, stars under the floor
Like magic
I embrace the person not beside me
With maddening words

Love is such an artist
Ceaselessly flowing talent
Well, I don't know
The correct use of it

Show me your enchanting figure

Night and morning, I am a dancer
With rose-colored skin, drinking apple wine
Stroking the men's chairs with a cat's tail
Spilling temporary LOVE

Love is surely musical
A crying, laughing operetta
But following the plot is disagreeable
Let's have an unexpected encore

I want to sing for one person

Love is such an artist
And so musical
Let's make
The best work of art in the world

I'll go out to meet you
Right now