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Clad in musk
And mixing up love
In a single bottle

I shut myself away in a germ-free room
Demophobia (fear of crowds)
With a cute boy doll
Necrophilia (love of corpses)

Let's spill the ambergris
On death
For a sweet smelling cadaver

In wild delusion, I wind the eye bandage around my eyes
Thanatophobia (fear of death)
My skeletal throat is thirsty
Haematophilia (love of blood)

I stab and stab the needle in deeper
Yes, while it is still soft
As my body absorbs and absorbs your sweet self
Before I become beyond help

No matter how many scars decorate my body
Ah, the serum is in my heart...

Let's burn up life
With olibanum
Because both are worthless

Misfortune is the pride of youth
Monophobia (fear of being alone)
As the philosopher tries to show off
Scotophilia (love of darkness)

Without putting my teeth into it
I eat it and eat it while it is still warm
Then I vomit and vomit your bitter self
Before you become the fatal dose

No matter how dangerous the zone, I continue to go forward
Ah, human life is instinctual...

Even if I burn it and burn it until it burns out
It's pureness is unreliable
Just continue to serve and serve my sweet self
Because I don't know how to be reasonable

If there are beautiful places in this world
Lead me to them

Without putting my teeth into it
I eat it and eat it while it still this warm
I drink and drink your bitter self
Please don't be the fatal dose

The more forbidden it is, the more I want to go towards it
Ah, human life is greedy...