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This song is by Ali Lambert.

Inject me with your demons
And I will spit 'til I am dry
Squeeze until the blood is running
See if you can make me cry
Go ahead, inject me
You can't infect me
(with your lies)
You're alone
I'm immune
We will never be one

I won't let you in
Let you into me
You can't take my
Can't take my purity

I will spit you out
Bleed you out of me
You won't take my
Won't take my purity

You want to be inside me
To hide your shame beneath my skin
Strip me down and cut me up but
I will never let you in
Go ahead and bleed me
You know you need me
(I won't die)
You're alone
I'm immune
We will never be
We will never be
We will never be...

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