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The Lighthouse Keeper

This song is by Alfie.

Longing for something to sweep you away.
High in a lighthouse,
I'll keep all the people at bay.

Safe on the rocks I can see my own kind.
Lost in my solitude,
Waiting for someone to tell me.

Tell me when you'll give me to the sea.

Sounds from the sea keep me up in the night.
Ripples of danger,
Another ship enters my sight.

Tell me. Tell me when you'll give me to the sea.

You say that I am alone, but you can't see.
I prefer to listen to the ocean's tide.

Stranded and weathered, I hide from the shure.
Jellyfish whisper your name but I want you no more.
May the waves drown my love.

Tell me. Tell me when you'll take me to the sea.

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