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My Blood Smells Like Thunderstorms

This song is by Alfie.

I keep everything.
Everything I want to know.
Limp and lifeless days,
Lifeless days hide blinkered eyes.
Eyes that see the blackness growing into me.
Laughter echoes long,
Echoes long before my thoughts can answer.
Leave me laughing when you're gone,
Nothingness and despair is a friend to me.

I stop for no-one,
Keep looking at the ground,
For you need rescuing.
Look at my shadow,
It follows every move I make,
And it follows you.
Watch and wonder,
I swallow all your fragile life.
(Keep in time you will see what about the one that wanted more)
Stop and suffer,
You are no friend for saddened cries.
(Cry with me show your pain I don't care for anybody).

See me through your willows.
And I still have the time for you,
I will keep you up through all your tired eyes,
And look for you.
Laughing time with sparrows,
Matters fly back across the day,
Swoop and fall in time.

I find a new disguise,
You see through me easily,
Undecided rivers,
Run and soothe your seperate self,
Flow until you'll crumble right before your eyes,
Despair in all.

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