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We Shall Return!

This song is by Alfa Eridano Akhernar and appears on the album Aztec War Metal (2014).

As we rise in our fights
Growing in power inside
Forces to face thy own death
The end of path is not sacrifice!

So we've been training
Increasing mind and strength
Admit the life beyond the flesh
Leaving the body
Well tied to the land
That we obtained with sweat and blood!

Death shouldn't be the end!
We shall return!
The final clash is near
The cosmos never lies
The coward dies with this fire blast!
Come closer, come on face my arms
Fight with us is war with gods!

The last explosion is here
Feeling the flames burn our skin
The wall of the eagle fell down
Most of our nation has gone!
So here from the ethereal worlds
Listen to our voice in the wind:
My brother, my living son, inside never surrender!
When the time arrives... we shall return!

The sun is waiting us!
We had return!

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