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The Smell Of Thy Loss...The Taste Of Our Victory!

This song is by Alfa Eridano Akhernar and appears on the album Aztec War Metal (2014).

On roads lie broken weapons...
Locks are scattered!
Their dwellings are roofless with red walls...
The gods want blood!

Lurk and hunt!
This capture will be...
The smell of thy loss!

Worms roam the streets and stronghold...
Walls full of brains!
Waters like stained and when drank...
The gods taste blood!

Separate bone and flesh!
Die on the edge of obsidian!
We celebrate thy death!

Proof of our divine condition
Extension of our fighters arms
Closer to sacrificial stone!

Confusion at the deep night:
The stench of corpses became unbearable
Human skin, horror and hunger...
Din of shouts, drums and fire!

Harvesting organs:
Removing them with grace and elegance!
And bodies of the enemies are painted...
The gods see blood!

At the peak of the temple!
In sacrifice we have...
The taste of our victory!

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