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The Inexorable

This song is by Alfa Eridano Akhernar and appears on the album Aztec War Metal (2014).

The Great Abyss!
The inexorable!
In a burst!
Voracious vim!

The inevitable transition
Of this maelstrom
That engulf the bones
Inflexible and merciless!

The Great Abyss!
The inexorable!

Inscrutable ritual:
Give us to drink the sacred stream!
Give us the infected corpses of the infidels!
And rip the Great Abyss!

The inexorable!
The Great Abyss!

Unbreakable bond
Of deadly and bloody hopes
Grant not the truce that
Our vile foes are looking forward!

For sacrificial ripping
Thy thoracic evisceration
In the stone...
Is the perpetual oblation!

Give us the heat and thirst of the battle!
Our shields and weapons are ready!

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