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Defending Our Glorious Presence

This song is by Alfa Eridano Akhernar and appears on the album Aztec War Metal (2014).

Many traitors try to harm us
Preaching silliness from their tongues
Despite your ephemeral magnitude
We are the only ones!

Oh, great mother!
Protect us now!
With thy live serpent skirt
And sharp claws

Thirsty of sacrifices
Killing your
Bastard sons!
With unmercy pride

Preserve supremacy!
Identity not fall!
Shaping the vengeance!
Defending the roots!

The falling moon
And the rising sun
Dead celestial bodies
And the birth of a god

400 treacherous stars
Throw their heads to the sky
Blood and body parts
One by one skyward!

Oh, great mother!
Give us death to live!
Our legacy in this kingdom
Untouchable will be

A superb manifest
Of the great Self
Keeping indelible
Our glorious presence!

Towards the greatness!
Upon slaves we rise!

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