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Amat Victoria Curam

This song is by Alfa Eridano Akhernar and appears on the album Aztec War Metal (2014).

Ascension of day-star...
In the sky a grey sign...
Drums and Tlapitzalli is the mark!

Arrows, spears, bows, slingshots
Is the only way to go up

Since we were young we have been expecting
Taking malting was our formation
Success is reflected at the war field...
Keeping alive the fifth sun!

This years haven't been in vain
Our strategy is the threat
This approach to the gods...
To transcend is our goal!

Turquoise masks!
Wood darts!
Black obsidian scepters...
Batallas floridas!

Ye are only mortal
And mortals have but to die
Your remains will...
Feed the eagle!

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