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Little Girls Pointing And Laughing

This song is by Alexisonfire and appears on the Demo Math Sheet Demos (2002) and on the album Alexisonfire (2002).

(We can't)
I still can
(stop now.)
remember what you did.
Your eyes filled,
(We've got)
(to slow down.)
Bare foot in a public washroom.

Spill on me your nostalgia
And cataracts
that fell
behind self-conscious eyes.

Warm water made
(Please just give me back my heart.)
this hurt so good.
(Well it's been too long)
Through ivory rain
(and I will burn no more.)
and cutthroat soap box derby racers.

(Oh God. Hurt so fucking good.
I just want you to fucking wreck me.
I want you to wreck me.
I want you to ruin me.)

I want you to ruin me.
(Please just give me back my heart.)
Ruin me.
(Well it's been too long)
I. Want. You. To. Ruin me.
(and I will burn no more.)
(Tired of all these lies)
I. Want you. To ruin me.
(and elsewhere eyes of yours.)
Ruin me.
(So I will scream)
I want you to...
(and dream of what's to come.)
ruin me.

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