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He Said

This song is by Alexis Schuster.

He said he loved me
But I didn't believe
He said he loved me
But I just couldn't see
How he could ever think that was so
Somehow I know it's true

He said he cared for me
And somehow I knew
He said he cared for me
And I believed it was true
How did I ever live without him?
How will I ever learn to begin again?

he told me many things
he told me his lies
I've never heard lies like that before
He told me all about his life
Told me all about his ambitions
He told me everything he thought I'd want to hear

He said he was leaving
But he wanted to stay
He said he was leaving
And he had to leave today
How will I ever get along without him?
His lies taught me how I can make it through the end


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