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Game Over

This song is by Alexa Vega.

This song is featured in the movie Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over(2003).
Game Over. There are no rules in
this game. Except win at any costs

The time has come once and for all
u've met your match u will fall.
This little game we play is gonna break us down.
Only one of us can wear the crown
its not as easy as u thought it'd be. When
its down to you versus me

I play rough
I don't need to try.
you like to play mean,
but the score never lies

Game Over, Game Over
Game Over, For Now.....

Winning the game's the only rule allowed
no more good or cheers from the crowd
wen the game began u never thought u'd
lose, but your time is up, i play to bruise
look around in fact u've lost ur team
you tried your best but you ran out of steam

I play rough,
I don't need to try.
you like to play mean
but the score never lies

you're all out of wishes kiss ur dreams
goodbye the ends the same its not whether
u win or lose its how u play the game

Game Over, Game Over
Game Over, For Now.....


Is that all you got ??
Come On. Uh huh.
Bring It On!

Game Over, Game OVer
Game OVer, For Now....

Game Over.

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