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Lucky Star

This song is by Alex Lloyd and appears on the album Black the Sun (1999) and on the album Amazing: The Best of Alex Lloyd (2006).

Step outside your open vein
Still inside the deepest pain
The will it shines when you come out
But for now you've plastic doubt

Buy and sell the things you need
Money comes you spend exceed
Waiting for your friends to call
Waiting for the wall to fall

And i want you to know
That someone will be there for you
And i need you to know
That someone i will care for you

My lucky star
My lucky star

Contraceptive rubber band
Elusive nights and exit stands
Questions come with no one else
Deep inside your rubber shelf

Better days are up ahead
But for now it's best in bed
Waiting for your friends to call
Waiting for the wall to fall

Golden rain, don't come around no more
A useless pain, you have to answer for

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