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Pyramid of Tears

This song is by Alejandro Escovedo and appears on the album Gravity (1992).

Her dress don't hide her age
Not like Mama said it would
And her smile fades away
Just like Daddy said it could

Pyramid of tears
I see you cry

No, things don't come so easy
Not when you turn twenty-five
And to blow out the candles
Takes a little concentration
I can't look inside her eyes
I can't kiss her perfect lips
I can't whisper in her ears
And take her far away from this

I can't hold her tight enough
Not to steal away the pain
I can't look into her eyes
And tell her everything's ok
No, she's no tired

She's just older
And she's lost the will to fly
I can't whisper in her ears
And tell her everything will be ok

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