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One More Time

This song is by Alejandro Escovedo and appears on the album Gravity (1992).

If you found me lost on your porch one night
Would you take me in and hold me tight
And wrap a dream around my head
In case I tumble out of bed

Just one more time
Just one more time
Just one more time
Just one more time

If you found me hanging
Without a prayer
Would you cut me down
And lay me there
And wash the sins
Off my hands
So I might get another chance

If I lost the buttons on my coat
And I couldn't find the golden note
Could I use your hands to find the light
So I might take it through the night

So I count my blessings in this world of sin
The holes in the walls let the cold come in
Could I use your skin to keep me warm
So I might make it through the night

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