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Real Good Time

This song is by Alda.

Sometime, someplace
Everybody has words (ah)
Falling out, making up

Maybe I laugh, maybe I cry
Maybe I scream, maybe I sigh
Baby, I feel the feeling is real
Maybe I curse, maybe I squeal
But I enjoy making some noise
Fooling around, listening to sound
When you and I get and everything's set
We surely know how to have a real good time


You and I are not to blame
Sometimes we just go insane
You and I have much to give
Everything is relative
When we have our darker days
We just go our separate ways
You and I, not to blame
Sometimes we just go insane, yeah


(Repeat Chorus)

Sometimes baby, in your eyes
Love is truly justified
When I hear you telling lies
I just wanna terrorise
But making up is oh-so-good
Yeah, we rock the neighbourhood
You and I are not to blame
Sometimes we go insane, yeah

1,2,3,4, so...

(Repeat Chorus)

A real good time
A real good time
A real good time, yeah

La la la la la la la la (x7)

(Repeat Chorus to fade)

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