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My Handy Man Ain't Handy No More

This song is by Alberta Hunter and appears on the album Amtrak Blues (1978).

Now whoever said a good man is hard to find
Positively absolutely sure was blind
'Cause I just found the best man that ever was
And here's just a few of the things that he does.

He shakes my ashes,
Greases my griddle,
Churns my butter,
And he strokes my fiddle,
My man, is such a handy man.

Now he threads my needle,
And he creams my wheat,
Heats my heater,
And he chops my meat (he's a mess),
My man, is such a handy man.

Now I don't care if you believe it or not,
He's a mighty nice man to have around,
'Cause when my furnace gets too hot,
He's right there to turn my damper down,
For everything, that man of mine's got a scheme
And honey it's amazing the way he handles my machine
My man, is such a handyman (oh that man is a mess).

He flaps my flapjacks,
Cleans off the table,
Feeds the horses in my stable,
My man, is such a handyman.

And do you know, sometimes he's up way before dawn,
Busy cleaning the rough edges off my lawn,
My man, is such a handyman.

Now, he never has a single word to say,
While he's working hard (poor soul),
And I'd give anything if you could see the way,
He handles my front yard.

Now my ice never gets a chance to melt away,
'Cause he sees that I get a nice fresh piece everyday,
My man, is such a handyman.

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