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Amtrak Blues (1978)Edit

Alberta Hunter - Amtrak Blues
Amtrak Blues
  1. The Darktown Strutters' Ball
  2. Nobody Knows When You're Down And Out
  3. I'm Having A Good Time
  4. Always
  5. My Handy Man Ain't Handy No More
  6. Amtrak Blues
  7. Old Fashioned Love
  8. Sweet Georgia Brown
  9. A Good Man Is Hard To Find
  10. I've Got A Mind To Ramble

The Legendary Alberta Hunter (1989)Edit

Alberta Hunter - The Legendary Alberta Hunter
The Legendary Alberta Hunter
  1. Two Cigarettes in the Dark
  2. What Shall I Do?
  3. Soon
  4. Where the Mountains Meet the Sea
  5. A Lonely Singing Fool
  6. Long May We Love
  7. Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable to Lunch Today)
  8. Be Still My Heart
  9. Stars Fell on Alabama
  10. Two Little Flies on a Lump of Sugar
  11. I Travel Alone

Downhearted Blues: Live At The Cookery (2001)Edit

Alberta Hunter - Downhearted Blues- Live At The Cookery
Downhearted Blues: Live At The Cookery
  1. My Castle's Rockin'
  2. The Love I Have for You
  3. I Got Rhythm
  4. Downhearted Blues
  5. Time Waits for No One
  6. I'm Havin' a Good Time
  7. Two-Fisted Double-Jointed Rough and Ready Man
  8. The Darktown Strutter's Ball
  9. Sometimes I'm Happy
  10. I've Got a Mind to Ramble
  11. Old Fashioned Love
  12. You Can't Tell the Difference After Dark
  13. Remember My Name
  14. When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)
  15. Georgia on My Mind
  16. Handy Man
  17. Never Knew My Kisses
  18. You're Welcome to Come Back Home

Other SongsEdit

  1. Aggravatin' Papa
  2. Chirpin' The Blues
  3. Darktown Strutters' Ball
  4. He's Got A Punch Like Joe Louis
  5. Someone Else Will Take Your Place
  6. Stingaree Blues
  7. The Darktown Strutters Ball
  8. You Can Have My Man If He Comes To See You Too
  9. You Can't Do What My Last Man Did

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