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Beowulf (2007)Edit

Alan Silvestri - Beowulf
  1. Beowulf Main Title
  2. First Grendel Attack
  3. Gently As She Goes by Robin Wright
  4. What We Need Is A Hero
  5. I'm Here To Kill Your Monster
  6. I Did Not Win The Race
  7. A Hero Comes Home by Robin Wright
  8. Second Grendel Attack
  9. I Am Beowulf
  10. The Seduction
  11. King Beowulf
  12. He Has A Story To Tell
  13. Full Of Fine Promises
  14. Beowulf Slays The Beast
  15. He Was The Best Of Us
  16. The Final Seduction
  17. A Hero Comes Home (End Credit Version) by Idina Menzel

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Amas Veritas
  2. Angel Family
  3. Block War
  4. Council Chaos
  5. Forever May Not Be Long Enough
  6. Forrest Gump Suite
  7. Judge Dredd Main Theme
  8. Judgement Day
  9. Maid In Manhattan
  10. New World
  11. Overture
  12. Practical Magic
  13. Seeing Is Believing
  14. Spirit Of The Season
  15. Suite From The Polar Express
  16. The Long Kiss Goodnight
  17. Theme From The Bodyguard
  18. We Created You
  19. Why Don't You Do Right?

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