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Same Old Building

This song is by Alan Lauris and appears on the album Different Frequency (2009).

Music: Alan Lauris
Lyrics: John Coughlan

Same old building different world
Reminding me you're not my girl
Eeach single day is just the same
Aall the walls speak out your name

We keep passing on the stairs
But you act so unaware
Not a single sideways glance
Not a whisper of a chance

Still you act so unaware
Like you couldn't, wouldn't care for me
Like you did before
Am I so much different now?
Go on show me how

Same old building different times
Separate futures, once aligned
Nervous pauses with your friends
I watch the signals that they send

This is killing me inside
You know it's something I can't hide
Maybe I could understand
If you just reached out a hand

You've moved on to better things
Found success and what that brings
Though it doesn't stretch to me
You're living on another plane
Things won't be the same

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