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My Second Life

This song is by Alan Lauris and appears on the album Different Frequency (2009).

Music and lyrics: Alan Lauris

I want to be alone I'm sorry but it's true
I need to slip into my secret world
And I'm not prepared to share this world
With anyone, so you'll Just have to wait
Till I come out of it again

O, it's not that I am mad at you
And it's not that I don't care or that I
Don't want to be with you
It's just that I feel bad about my life
And all the things that I cannot change
Though I want to

My secret world is good and it makes me quite relaxed
My secret world has everything I need
It gives me power, new energy
And the strength to carry on
I'm doing what I want and I feel free

O, it's true that I am hiding
And it's true that it's not fair
To keep a part of me from you
But my secret world's providing
Me the part that's missing here
And that's belonging to me too
So in this world I lead
My second life

There's a picture in my mind
That shows exactly how my life should be
But it's not reality
And it doesn't count you out
Cause in my secret world you're still
My only love and you're with me
But for now, I really need
My second life

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