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London Or Berlin

This song is by Alan Lauris and appears on the album Different Frequency (2009).

Music and lyrics: Alan Lauris

London or Berlin
I'm a writer in need for some inspiration
So I visit my muse and then I know I can proceed
With what I want to do
So I'm going to London or Berlin

Sometimes you feel that you've dried up
Sometimes you feel that you're tied up

There's only one remedy for me
It's leaving right away
I'm heading west or east
By taking a plane or train

To London or Berlin
I write in my book that I feel free and I'm happy
And when I get a little bit lost I take a quick look
On my map and I'm back on track
It's easy going in London or Berlin

It's just a matter of knowing
It's just a matter of going

(Being) one of the crowd,
Just like a pigeon on Trafalgar Square
Nothing more and nothing less
Than being completely there

I meet you on a building site
I meet you in Kreuzberg in the middle of the night
Or meet you by the London eye
And then I know... it's alright
And then I feel... so alive

London or Berlin
It's no use to choose
They're two sides of the same coin
That's my muse
So I cannot lose
When I flip this coin to leave for London or Berlin

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