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God's Little Rocker

This song is by Alabaster Box and appears on the album Love on the Radio (2004).

here she comes with her platform shoes and a smile to wipe away your blues
she dont need no calvin klien to make her feel so fine
some other girls try to show off too much of that skin they're in
she rolls her eyes and says "dont you know that good girls always win"

she sings la de da as she plays her guitar

she's gods little rocker
nothings gonna stop her

she's already more than that she dont need no labeled tat on her back
she's not afraid to go against the flow for there's one thing that she knows

she sings la de da as she plays her guitar


she's got confidence and
she knows its better than
a million dollars or a perfecto body

dont need no magazine cos
she's got all she needs in
the love of Jesus and she knows where she's going

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