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This song is by Alabaster Box and appears on the album Love on the Radio (2004).

today i saw a lady who had a baby she was fourteen
little boy who had such joy
yet his sorrow lies in the dark of night
we search perfection daily and model tv with a lovely lady
with pretty coloured shoes and pretty coloured hair
yet forever hollow stare

so awaken your eyes awaken your soul
we are in need of the truth to be told
open your heart open your mind
we are in need of the truth to find

hey hey yeah hey hey yeah
open your eyes see the real thing

i saw a family with broken hearts yet stubborn pride
no time to say he's sorry just making money while she still cries
whats this world when importance lies
on having things instead of love inside
everybody knows but does anybody care
that we're still so unaware


take a look take a look see his promise after the rain
colourful beautiful a perfectionate display of his love

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