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Lovin' Man

This song is by Alabama and appears on the album The Closer You Get (1983).

(Jeff Cook)

I don't mind the cold and rain where I'm waiting
I'm holding on to your mem'ry as tight as I can
And silver wings are bringing you back so I can hold you
And let me know that I'm still your lovin' man.

You carry my dreams
Through the darkness while I'm sleeping
The part of love that I need to fit my plan
And I don't need nobody else to ease my feelings
As long as I can be your lovin' man.

I been waiting here for days
To see that big steel bird arrive
And just the thought of lovin' you
Is what's kept this man alive.

Share with me all the joy life can bring us
Though my kingdoms may be castles made of sand
Darlin' please spend your sunshine days beside me
And let me always be your lovin' man.

Your lovin' man (lovin' man)
And let me be (your lovin' man)
Your lovin' man (lovin' man)
And let me be (your lovin' man)
Your lovin' man (lovin' man)
Well let me be...

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