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Gloomy illumination stretches the shadows out
I sit on the sofa and the clock slowly ticks
After things were arranged like usual
We talked about us on that night

The conversation we have makes me gradually tremble, gathering fallen tears
Before they disappear from the range that my fingers can reach

I'm at your side, I'm at your side
Don't cry my love
No words, no heart
I'm at your side

Wave goodbye to love
Wave love

After that there was a single thorn that was stuck in me
Though inside is where it prickles

As the days increase, so do my scabs; I can't get rid of them very well
If I pretend not to see them and hold you, the pain will increase too

And I search again with you
We ascertain ourselves of it amidst love
Stroke my aching heart
Come to my side

Wave goodbye to love
Wave love

I'm at your side, be at my side
I'm with the one that I love
We, who are so romantic
In loneliness and in love
Will definitely overlap over and over, overlap

Wave goodbye to love
There our hands will touch
Wave love

Wave goodbye to love...