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"Heaven's Mirror"

{Translation from Japanese}

A gale dances across the world in night,
as my soul journeys in to nothingness

Before I die in a garden, I understood my prayers and my life resounded
A faint light bloomed, and I believed

They kept connecting, a tame melody that was the result of my memories
my wishes became reality as my soul ran about

Dust waltzed,
the moon floated,
miracles were hidden,
and heaven's mirror

Sunlight filters through trees, the light, a gorgeous world as harmony
rang in my soul...

{Translation from Italian}

A gust in the world of night
and your spirit went on a voyage towards purity
there where everything is heaven
if just one prayer will arrive it will awake life.

Light blooms let's believe in it together
looks raise one by one
the placid melody that touches memories
if just one wish will be true life will sing.

Dust dances, light moon
the miracle is here
flower of the blue mirror.

Embraced by leaves in the world of light
and you play the bell for peace.