Air Supply:Love And Other Bruises Lyrics

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Love And Other Bruises

This song is by Air Supply and appears on the album Air Supply (1976) and on the album Love and Other Bruises (1977).

Original video
Love And Other Bruises
(Graham Russell)

As the time slips through your fingers
Till it's almost time to go
And the morning breaks between us
And the ice melts into snow.
I'm alright loving you
I'm alright loving you

Love and other bruises didn't have to choose us
But it did and I'm alive and I'm trying to survive
Love and other bruises makes us all good losers
I can't help it talking loud it's because I'm on a cloud.
Won't you please take me home
Won't you please please take me home
I'm so mixed up over you
I don't want to be alone.
I'm alright loving you
I'm alright loving you

(Repeat Chorus)