Agresión:The Words You Took Away Lyrics

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The Words You Took Away

This song is by Agresión and appears on the album Sur (2000).

Today I feel like I'll never be the same
This empty voice I heard from you
Showed me how long
How long ago
In real time it
Was that you left me
Today I felt like I had been lost in time
The same deep words
I used to say I said them twice
Like you would be the same I talk to in my own thoughts

I can't speak my rage, the words you took away

Wonder why these thoughts remain in vane
It's been so long with the blindfold
Tied on my head
I finally rise to see the down of my disguise
I wonder why the hurt grows day by day
Again I rise and yet you're storming deep inside
And then comes the time for the reflection of my conviction

I gave my days, the words you took away