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This song is by Agresión and appears on the album Cultura 3 (2002).

Can't you see
That nobody wants us here tonight
Please at leats
See the way they greet you back...

I can hear them say
That you don't belong here
Who was it that told you
To come to this party

You don't need all this crap
I'm sick of you trying
To speak with their accent
I guess I'm just sorry...

Keep on pretending that those are your best friends
I'm out of here, I can't stand this scene

Puede ser que llegue un dia en que comprendas
El dia que despiertes que entiendas que siento
Al ver como olvidas y cambias quien eres

You don't want to see how this really is
You don't want to hear what I have to say
You're too busy, you don't hear my goodbye
Stay, keep on practicing how to smile

What I got to, what I got to tell you...

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