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It's Not My Town

This song is by Agresión and appears on the album Sur (2000).

The one who calls me insane, me pregunto quién?
'Cause no one around knows in fact my name
Quien sabe quien soy, back in town
Is waiting for the moment just to bring me down
Check the body no found bullets around
Who cries now, would you open your mouth
La gente adia without sense like a fobia
If is not your business stay back I told you

Who can really feel respect for your words
I don't think I should stay anymore

Town it's not my blood, it's not my town

Don't tell me shit in front of muerte
For sure in future you won't have that suerte
Esta vez no convengo que siempre te creas
The god of the hood
Who decides who really scare us
Damn aggression, bad presagio
Come when it's time just to see the epitafio
Keep the distance sigue tu camino have respect
For the kinds and for me que soy latino

And those who call me insane
Don't even know my name
And those who call me insane
Don't even play my game

7 es tu número de suerte habré
6 muertos y 1 sabreviviente
Es mi trato nato only for the navato
I'll give him respect no more licor barato
I've head million versions of the same reflection
I'm looking around and faking is prevention
A gift of what I have in mind
Aggression has begum and you loose your time

How can really feel respect for your words
I don't think I should stay more

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