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This song is by Agony Column and appears on the album God, Guns And Guts (1989).

Ten thousand days in the saddle
The wicked sun beats down on our heads
I can hear the poison snakes begin to rattle
One false move, they strike
And then you're dead

I can hear your death rattle

Rattle, rattle, rattle, strike

Oh there are vipers down in the pit
You better watch out
We'll throw you into it

Oh the devil don't ever lie
Look into the viper
See the poison in his eyes

Fearless and crawling in the night
Looking for a bear leg or some flesh to bite
You won't see, but hear the sound
And in the daytime they crawl out of the ground

Oh... I can hear your death rattle
Snakebite, lord snakebite, wow snakebite
You die of snakebite

Rattle, rattle, rattle, strike

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