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Agnes (2005)Edit

Agnes - Agnes


  1. Stranded
  2. Emotional
  3. Right Here, Right Now (My Heart Belongs to You)
  4. Forever Yours
  5. Get My Math
  6. I Believe
  7. For Love
  8. What a Feeling
  9. Now That I Found Love
  10. Let Me Carry You

Stronger (2006)Edit

Agnes - Stronger


  1. I Believe in You
  2. Top of the World
  3. Somewhere Down the Road
  4. I Had a Feeling
  5. Kick Back, Relax
  6. Champion
  7. Love Is All Around
  8. (What Do I Do With) All This Love
  9. My Boy
  10. (Baby) I Want You Gone
  11. Everybody Knows

Dance Love Pop (2008)Edit

Agnes - Dance Love Pop

Dance Love Pop

  1. Release Me
  2. On and On
  3. Love Me Senseless
  4. How Do You Know
  5. I Need You Now
  6. Look at Me Now
  7. Don't Pull Your Love Out
  8. Open Up Your Eyes
  9. Sometimes I Forget
  10. Big Blue Wall

Veritas (2012)Edit

Agnes - Veritas


  1. Amazing
  2. Walk Out of Here
  3. All I Want Is You
  4. One Last Time
  5. Loaded
  6. Human Touch
  7. Watching It Burn
  8. Got Me Good
  9. Like God
  10. Into the Sun
  11. Nothing Else Matters

Other SongsEdit

  1. Allt Ljus På Mig
  2. Don't Go Breaking My Heart

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Agnes is a performance name for Agnes Emilia Carlsson.

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