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The Last Goodbye

This song is by Agent Orange and appears on the album Living In Darkness (1981) and on the album Sonic Snake Session (2003).

Some day, somewhere, some one, somehow, is
going to make you understand,
these words will drill into your head,
you'll undergo the process then, y
ou will do anything they say, they will have power over you,
you will not question there authority, you know what they can do, I
shake my head I don't know what to say,
I see my chance to turn and walk away,
I will not be a part of this ferment, I just can't take a chance,
because I see my opportunity to shout the last goodbye,
I bet you never did expect to have a big important name,
they all will have exquisite taste, but they all will look the same,
you will be quickly photographed,
you will be shot across every side,
they'll teach you what u need to learn,
and they will take you for a ride,

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