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No Such Thing

This song is by Agent Orange and appears on the album Living In Darkness (1981) and on the album Sonic Snake Session (2003).

hey your kind of acting strange to me
you really shouldn't be so rude
i think i've seen you change your mind before
i've never seen you change your mood
everybody get away from me
don't everybody push and shove
everybody stop asking me
i'm telling you i'm not in love

there's no such thing
it doesn't matter to me i know
there's no such thing
isn't that a relief to know
there's no such thing

hey you, snap out of it
it's time for you to act your age
no you're never gonna get your way
so break into a screaming rage
a good excuse to start a teenage romance
turning love into lust
i'm only looking for somebody to talk to
or somebody that i can trust


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